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Ted Gaston


Ted is the Controller at Pinnacle Golf Club, responsible for providing financial information to the management team. Since joining Pinnacle in 2008, Ted has played a crucial role in maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the club's financial stability. With a background in Marketing and Accounting from Wright State University, Ted brings a unique perspective to his role.

What Ted enjoys most about his job at Pinnacle is the variety it offers throughout the season. From managing financial reports to analyzing data, each day presents new challenges and opportunities to contribute to the success of the club.

One aspect of Pinnacle's club culture that Ted appreciates the most is the coordination, planning, and execution required on a day-to-day basis. The club operates as a well-oiled machine, where each department works together seamlessly to provide exceptional service and support to members and guests.

Outside of work, Ted values spending quality time with his family and friends. These meaningful connections and experiences outside the workplace contribute to his overall well-being and happiness.

A favorite quote that has influenced Ted's professional life is "The same letters in listen are the same letters in silence." This quote reminds him of the importance of active listening and the power of silence in effective communication and decision-making.

To stay updated in his field and industry, Ted has started listening to several business podcasts. This allows him to broaden his knowledge, gain insights from industry experts, and stay informed about the latest trends and practices in finance and management.

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