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Shelly Holcomb

HR Representative and Payroll Manager

Shelly is the HR Representative and Payroll Manager at Pinnacle Golf Club. With a wealth of experience in the field, Shelly is responsible for maintaining employee records, including hours worked, tips, vacation pay, bonuses, and overtime. Additionally, she compiles monthly Hourly Employee Labor Reports and handles daily sales reporting, which includes credit card deposits and member charges. Shelly joined Pinnacle Golf Club in 2022, bringing her expertise and passion for human resources and payroll management.

What Shelly enjoys most about her job is the freedom to perform her duties without being micromanaged. She appreciates the trust placed in her to handle important payroll and HR responsibilities efficiently. Furthermore, she finds great satisfaction in working with the staff at Pinnacle Golf Club.

After spending over 25 years in the Car Dealership business, Shelly decided to make a career change following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The opportunity to work at Pinnacle Golf Club presented itself, and she embraced it wholeheartedly. Over the past year and a half, Shelly has thoroughly enjoyed her role and the positive work environment it offers.

Outside of work, Shelly's priorities lie in her family. She has two grown children and three beautiful granddaughters, and she relishes spending quality time with them. In addition, Shelly has a passion for singing and enjoys sharing her talent with others. Whether it's performing or simply hanging out with family and friends, she values these moments of joy and connection.

With her extensive experience and genuine dedication to her role, Shelly plays a vital role in ensuring smooth HR and payroll operations at Pinnacle Golf Club. Her commitment to accuracy and attention to detail contribute to the overall success of the club's administrative functions.

As the HR Representative and Payroll Manager, Shelly takes pride in her work and strives to provide exceptional service to the club's employees. By diligently managing payroll and attending to HR needs, she ensures that employees are fairly compensated and well-supported. Shelly's commitment to her role and the well-being of the staff contribute to the positive work culture at Pinnacle Golf Club.

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