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Scott Callaghan

PGA Head Golf Professional

Scott is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Pinnacle Golf Club, bringing his passion for the game of golf and expertise to the role since 2006. His primary responsibilities revolve around overseeing Golf Operations and ensuring an exceptional experience for all members and guests. With a degree in Communications from Ohio State University, Scott excels in effective communication with both his team and members.

Scott finds great joy in the dynamic nature of his job, where each day presents new challenges and opportunities to meet a diverse range of people who share his love for golf. He takes pride in contributing to the continuous improvement of the golf course and restaurant, witnessing various ideas and dreams come to life.

The club's culture at Pinnacle Golf Club combines a championship feel on the course with a laid-back atmosphere, which Scott appreciates greatly. In his interactions with customers and potential members, Scott encourages them to give the club a chance, assuring them that they will be impressed with what they find. He and his dedicated team strive to provide exceptional customer service, treating each individual with the utmost care and respect.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys spending quality time with his family, particularly fishing trips with his son and embarking on exciting adventures with his family. When working with customers, whether organizing outings, golf tournaments, or catering to members, Scott finds the most reward in hearing first-time visitors express their delight in the overall experience, from fantastic rounds to excellent food and service.

In his professional life, Scott adheres to the principle of making choices and decisions in the best interest of the membership and the club, understanding that not everyone may always be pleased and knowing that’s okay. He contributes to maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment by actively getting to know his staff and supporting their well-being alongside the club's success.

To stay updated in the golf industry, Scott actively plays at various courses, seeking inspiration and ideas for continuous improvement. He keeps abreast of the latest developments in the professional ranks by watching the PGA and LPGA tours weekly, and he attends PGA meetings and seminars to gain insights into industry happenings behind the scenes.

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