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MaKenzie Swackhammer

Marketing Associate

MaKenzie, affectionately known as MaK, is the Marketing Associate at Pinnacle Golf Club and Cimi's Bistro. She attended Miami University of Ohio, where she studied Interactive Media Studies and Graphic Design. In her role, she oversees all aspects of the club's digital presence, including social media management, in-house marketing, print and digital advertising, email marketing, UI/ UX design, magazine collaborations, graphic design, and other creative endeavors within the digital realm.

Joining Pinnacle Golf Club in 2022, MaKenzie has been profoundly moved by the warm reception and genuine embrace extended by the members. The sense of entering a vibrant, harmonious, and joyously chaotic family unit every time she comes to work creates a truly special atmosphere that transcends the notion of simply "going to work."

With a field that offers boundless opportunities, it becomes challenging for MaKenzie to select a single favorite project or accomplishment. Collaborating on the club's rebranding efforts and partnering with esteemed organizations like the Columbus Crew SC, Hilton Hotels, or Millcraft Paper Co. are just a few examples of the exciting prospects she has encountered in her relatively new position.

One aspect of Pinnacle Golf Club's culture that MaKenzie deeply appreciates is the commitment to internal promotion and advancement. Having gained valuable experience as a cart attendant during her college summer breaks, she experienced swift recognition and professional growth after graduation. Being entrusted to lead her own department at a young age is a profound honor that reminds her of the timeless wisdom that "with great power comes great responsibility" (only Marvel fans would understand).

Outside of work, MaKenzie embraces her "travel girl era" and has developed a deep passion for exploring various destinations. From the majestic mountains of the Rockies to the breathtaking canyons of Arizona and the serene beaches of Costa Rica, she seeks adventure and experiences. Her upcoming dream vacation involves venturing to Italy to indulge in the enchanting vineyards it has to offer.

To stay updated in her field and industry, MaKenzie dedicates significant hours to thoroughly exploring the internet. She actively browses platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and various social media channels to stay informed about the latest marketing and design trends. The captivating Instagram reels of The Masters have particularly inspired her, envisioning a similar aesthetic and visual appeal for Pinnacle Golf Club's profile feed.

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