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Maddey Killian

Member Account Receivables

Maddey is the Accounts Receivables professional at Pinnacle Golf Club, responsible for member accounting billing. Joining Pinnacle in 2018, Maddey has played a vital role in managing financial transactions and ensuring accurate billing for club members. With a background in Accounting from Franklin University, Maddey brings a strong numerical aptitude to her position.

Maddey's inspiration to pursue a career in this field stems from her natural affinity for working with numbers. She finds fulfillment in the precise nature of accounting, where there is a clear distinction between right and wrong. Seeing the numbers add up correctly reassures her that she is performing her job accurately.

A favorite quote that has influenced Maddey's professional life is "Nothing is given, it's earned." This quote serves as a reminder of the importance of hard work, dedication, and the merit-based nature of achievements.

Pinnacle Golf Club has been a place of growth for Maddey, both personally and professionally. Starting as a Hostess in the restaurant, she has been able to flourish in various ways. The opportunity to grow from within the company has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of each aspect of the club from a broader perspective.

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