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Jayme Edwards

Event Coordinator

Jayme is the Event Coordinator at Pinnacle Golf Club, leveraging her expertise in planning and executing weddings and events. She studied Business and Healthcare Management at Ohio Christian University, which provided a strong foundation for her role. Since joining Pinnacle in 2017, Jayme has been instrumental in overseeing all aspects of event coordination, from initial planning to flawless execution. Working closely with couples throughout the entire wedding planning process, she ensures their vision becomes a reality. Jayme finds great reward in making their biggest day as easy and stress-free as possible, creating a truly memorable experience for both the couple and herself.

One of Jayme's biggest accomplishments at Pinnacle is the ability to maintain a solid and dedicated staff year after year. Retaining staff not only enhances the quality of service for clients but also fosters a positive work environment within the Pinnacle family. This accomplishment highlights Jayme's commitment to building a strong and cohesive team.

The aspect of Pinnacle's club culture that Jayme appreciates the most is the spirit of teamwork. At Pinnacle, everyone is a team player, willing to lend a helping hand not only within their own departments but also across departments. This collaborative approach ensures that every client receives the best possible experience.

Outside of work, Jayme dedicates all her time to her three boys and her husband. Most of their activities revolve around attending practices or cheering on her kids from the sidelines of various ballfields or mats. Family time is a top priority for Jayme.

The most rewarding part of working with customers and clients for Jayme is the opportunity to work together with them to bring their vision to life. On wedding days, there is a special sense of fulfillment, knowing that the collective efforts and ideas of both Jayme and the clients have come together to create a truly beautiful and memorable day.

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