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Christina Parker

Director of Cimi’s Bistro and Member Liaison

Meet Christina, our talented Director of Cimi's Bistro and Member Liaison at Pinnacle Golf Club. Since joining our team in 2016, Christina has been responsible for overseeing food and beverage operations, acting as a member liaison, and coordinating member events. With a passion for the fast-paced nature of her job, Christina thrives on starting a project and witnessing it come to life. She has been involved in the industry since she was 14 years old and appreciates the variety that each day brings, avoiding the monotony of repetitive tasks.

One of Christina's favorite aspects of her role is coordinating member events, as she finds great joy in bringing happiness to our members through these gatherings. She values the familial environment fostered at our club, where interaction with familiar faces is a daily occurrence. Outside of work, Christina enjoys attending baseball games, taking her dog Barley to the pond, golfing, and relaxing on a nice patio for happy hour.

Providing exceptional customer service and support is a priority for Christina. She remains readily available to anyone who needs assistance or encounters a problem. Her greatest reward comes from seeing customers and clients have a fantastic time and choosing to return to our club. When it comes to maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment, Christina believes in smiling and maintaining a positive demeanor.

To stay updated in her field, Christina keeps herself informed through blogs and research on different restaurants and clubs. A favorite quote that has influenced her professional life is, "It may not work out how you think it will or how you hope it does. But believe me, it will all work out." With her dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Christina plays a vital role in creating memorable experiences for our members and guests at Pinnacle Golf Club.

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